Made :: Wine bottle Elves

My manager at work has challenged us this year to bring something homemade to the annual "white elephant" Christmas gift exchange.
Inspired by this idea, these are what I am bringing, along with some baked goodies.

I don't know too many people (or anyone?!) who would turn down a bottle of wine for the holidays, and these little guys make it that much more Christmas-y!

Taking about 10 minutes total, this is a quick and simple DIY.
Here is what you will need:

Bottle of your favourite wine
8x10 sheets of felt (I used red and green for christmas, but greys and creams would be pretty as well)
Mini pom poms
Craft fur
Mini bells
Hot glue & gun
Marker or pen


Step 1:

Roll sheet of felt into a cone shape and glue along the seam/edges. This will be the back side of the hat.

Tuck the leftover pointy portion of the felt into the cone and glue. The folded area will become the front of the hat.

Step 2:

 Draw an outline of a beard on the back of the fur and cut out. Glue the fur to the inside of the folded area (see image 1 above)

Flipping the hat over, glue a mini pompom above the beard. This is the elf nose.
Glue a mini bell to the pointed top of the hat.

Optional: Tie or glue ribbon near the base of the hat to add a bit of decoration.

Step 3:

Slip the hat onto a wine bottle...Now you have a cute Christmas wine elf!